Before we leap into the new year, let’s take a look back at some of Convo’s most impactful moments in 2018. From a variety of new features to H&M’s deployment of the company’s new retail-focused, social collaboration platform, Convo promised productivity and they sure delivered.

Looking Back

With carefully curated features, Convo offers its users a work collaboration platform that allows them to perform their everyday tasks without any hassle. By creating shareable content, precision feedback, and staying connected on the go, we have taken away the hassle of staying communicative. A well connected team is essential to the success of any business and Convo is the best way to make sure that your team is – that team.
At Convo, we understand the reason the product was created (to bridge the communication gap between teams in the enterprise) , and we constantly look towards the future while keeping the start in mind. As we head on to a new year with a new Convo, here’s a look back at all the new things that became a part of the platform this year:

Geo Tagged Posts

Convo introduced Geo tagging of posts to help connect the non-desk workforce with the workers in offices. It enabled them to share their location with their teammates, whether they were logged in from mobile or web, with just a click. The feature helps managers keep track of their teams and makes reporting easier for field workers.

Customized User Profiles

User profiles on a work platform are great icebreakers, giving groups an easy way to initiate conversations and help teammates get to know each other. They are also a good way to exchange contact information like phone numbers, addresses, etc., in case someone needs to reach out to a teammate when they’re not available in the office.
Convo’s custom user profiles  feature was developed to give users a more personalized view of their Convo networks. Network admins are allowed to create as many custom fields as required to fit each company’s individual culture and needs.
custom profile

Advanced Group Settings

Groups have always been an integral part of the Convo platform. They help keep conversations organized and give you a central place to capture team or project discussions. To give you more power over the content being shared in groups, advanced group settings were also introduced in Convo. Group admins now have the ability to restrict users from leaving groups and allow only specific members to create posts. Restricting post creation for other members means, they will not be able to create, edit or tag the the group in already created posts. This preserves the integrity of the information shared and allows only select users to make changes.

Advanced Network Settings

Along with advanced group settings, Convo introduced the ability for network admins to restrict group creation. This allows admins to control the number of groups being created on the network and helps keep track of information a lot easier. The platform also added support for sending out SMS notifications across the network, enabling admins to send important messages and alerts to people via SMS within the network.

Default Notifications and Trending Topics

It’s important to stay on top of all activity happening on your network. Recognizing this, Convo introduced two new features to make activity tracking easier for everyone. The default notification settings made it mandatory for users to get notified about select activity preferences set by the network admins. The trending hashtags, on the other hand, allowed users to see what are the most popular topics on the network, and making them easier to access.

Deployment of a new retail-focused, social collaboration platform

Convo was thrilled to announce platform for the fast-fashion, global retail leader, deployed the new mobile-first, retail social collaboration platform! With more than 15,000 employees across the United States, the retail leader is using Convo to connect and inform its employees across more than 500 stores throughout the country. Convo brings consumer tools to the enterprise, enabling fast, flexible and secure communication and collaboration throughout an organization, helping everyone work to their most optimum. By simplifying group-based communication across departments, stores and regions, Convo unifies the workforce, empowering employees to become the retailer’s best customer-facing advocates.

Supporting Sorting Posts

Keeping true to the promise of delivering productivity, Convo added support for sorting posts by activity or created date in the newsfeed. The newsfeed on Convo serves as a centralized medium for getting network-wide updates and interacting with them from the same place. It is the home view for every user which allows them to skim through the content shared with them, in groups they’re a part of and posts they are commenting on.
The posts which appear on the newsfeed are also customizable. Users can hide posts from specific groups from showing up on their newsfeed. This ensures that the feed is not cluttered and users can always focus on the essential stuff.
Latest Activity

Image and Text Polls

Convo also introduced polls feature with its newest update. Polls are an effective way to gather user opinion and help in the decision making process. You can now create both image and text polls on Convo. Whether it is an important meeting you have to set time for, choose the best design for the upcoming merchandise or decide what to have for lunch, polls are your go-to choice.

No Email Signup

Keeping in mind the importance of non-desk workforce, Convo introduced the feature of no work email signup, which allows users to signup to Convo using their personal phone numbers or email addresses if they don’t have a company email. This enables easy signup for seasonal and part time employees and saves companies the time and hassle of creating and disabling emails for such employees.
no email

Compliance & Regulatory Acknowledgement

Convo has designed the first enterprise social networking platform for a diverse range of verticals. Integrating with different apps and bringing everything you need to work under one platform, Convo creates a digital environment fit for delivering information, collaborating on it and making sure everyone is on the same page. With network wide distribution of information, ensuring compliance & regulatory acknowledgement is a necessary facet which the platform does not overlook. To cover this very need of enterprises, Convo recently introduced compliance & regulatory acknowledgement feature.
Ack Post

More Coming to Convo in 2019

That’s not all that is happening this year. Stay up to date with Convo’s blog to hear about the many new features coming your way in the new year. Convo believes in bringing you the best toolset for improving your team’s collaboration and helping you do great things together. What’re you waiting for? Switch your team over to Convo today and start collaborating the right way.